A Picture (from the Oval Office) is Worth a Thousand Words

Look at this picture. Just LOOK at it!!


A picture like this is worth more than a thousand words — it’s worth a 15 minute video analysis on youtube (which you can watch by clicking here).


From left to right, we have: Alpha male, Sigma male, Sigma female, Omega male, Alpha male. (Note: I did not include the guy with the red tie that looks like he’s clutching his knee in the background.)


That is: Alpha Male Trump, Sigma NSA Bolton, Sigma CIA Directory Haspel, what looks like an assistant to DNI Coats, a young Omega guy, and Alpha Coats. The photo was originally tweeted after a temporary misunderstanding was resolved among Trump and his IC team. Here you can see they have donned their societal masks: no where does the archetypal tribal role become more prominent than in a group of people, especially a group of people who are peers, professionally. Annnnnd, especially when they are in the presence of their Alpha leader, in this case, President Trump. When we’re sitting alone in an office cubical (or even if we are unlucky enough to work in a real life privacy-free “open” office with no cubes), our tribal role will still influence how and when we complete tasks, but when we are forced to be interdependent on other members of the tribe, THAT is when the real fun starts.



Briefly, LOL, Ambassador Bolton’s mustache! The quintessential Sigma mustache. No member of the tribe is more likely to seem “like a character” than a Sigma. Ever hear someone say, “she’s such a character!” Often that person will be a Sigma.

Now omegas are the ones most likely to **actually be playing a charcter.** But in this case, with his shaggy bangs but perfectly groomed mustache, there’s the aura of the “Nutty Professor” (also known as the “absentminded professor” persona) about him.


Let’s take an even closer view of the photo here:



Sigma males and females often have a trademark about them, something they consistently do to manipulate their appearance that makes them very memorable. With Director Haspel, another Sigma, it is how she dresses monochromatically and almost always with a matching scarf (no scarf today, but shades of brown).


Trump, the Leader

Alpha male Trump is leaning forward with an all-business straight-back: his clasped hands indicate working mode, not fighting mode. He’s looking straight ahead, making eye contact with no one: again, he’s not ready to fight and he’s not attempting to assert dominance over any one at this time.


Coats, the Aggressor

But Alpha Coats is! He’s used to being top dog, the Alpha, in most group situations, and has for many years now, as part of his career. His hard-nosed, unsmiling gaze at Trump, says he IS ready to fight. He isn’t overly aggressive, but put it this way: Trump’s embodiment of all things Alpha, is triggering to this other Alpha who has to view Trump as his … (don’t choke on the words now, Director Coats!!) … his … BOSS!! Alphas don’t want to have another Alpha as their boss; they are the boss! And, once DNI Coats leaves the White House, for all practical purposes, he will once again be “the boss” in almost any government building he enters. It’s fair to say that almost no one out ranks him except Trump! Note Coats’ one hand on the table. He is holding up a metaphorical red neon sign that says, “I have influence in this situation. I can literally tip the balance of power here by putting my hand on the scale [or, the table, in this case].”


Haspel, the Skeptic

Why is CIA Director Haspel leaning so far forward in her chair that she looks like she’s ready to stand up and go? Because she is ready to stand up and go. She has TONS OF STUFF TO DO. At WORK. She tried to tell the President this before the picture was taken and he did his Alpha cocoon of patriotism thing, and she was like, ok, fine, one picture (then I seriously have to go, Mr President).


Blasé Bolton

Bolton knows that power and authority come and go in waves and there’s no real point in resisting it; it’s way more fun to dive right into the waves and get as wet as possible! “This too shall pass … but I’ll enjoy in while it lasts” is the wise old Sigma male’s counsel. When Sigma’s are young, they will argue to the death, but as they get older and wiser, they know that fighting is fun, and super gratifying, but sometimes it’s just as awesome to realize you are in the thick of history, living it out in real time. Why not relax and take a picture?


Want to know how we can identify that the young guy next to Coats is an Omega and not a Beta? Check out the video to find out more!


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