Donald Trump: Alpha’s Alpha, a rare Super Alpha Male

What’s an alpha male?


All alphas seek a leadership position within the tribe, whether the tribe is a gang, a corporation, a fraternity or an empire. They excel at seeing the best solution to a problem, and knowing exactly who should take action to solve it. They feel good when they are protecting and providing for their tribe.


All alphas are driven to succeed, and to seek respect and wealth. Alpha’s alphas (in contrast to beta’s alphas and sigma’s alphas) are also driven to be feared and to seek fame (to leave their name behind them along with their legacy). Put simply, they are compelled to get rich, successful and respected, and then feared and famous.


So what makes an alpha male a super alpha male? When they not only want success and prosperity for their tribe, but for all tribes. This is not altruistic: the super alpha knows that by working to achieve prosperity and peace for all tribes, that they are more easily able to protect their own because they then avoid having to spend resources on conflict with those tribes. In essence, peaceful neighboring tribes mean you don’t have to send your warriors out to fight them. You save money and lives (resources and members of the tribe). The more lives, the better the tribe is able to withstand and bounce back from periods of famine, disease and war.


regal lion


Time will tell and history will be the most objective judge, but it appears that President Trump’s commitment to (and near obsession with) protecting and providing for Americans while maintaining peace or preventing conflict (or wrapping up war) with other countries, while strongly promoting the well being of his own tribe (country) above others (other countries) is consistent with the unique focus and strengths of a super alpha male. This type of personality is unique. The bottom line is that most people — even alphas who see the world for what it is and enjoy controlling resources so that they can change it — just wouldn’t care.


Trump Bonus Video 1: the Alpha Male Smile



Trump Bonus Video 2: the Alpha Male Handshake

Trump Bonus Video 3: Alpha Male in Warrior Mode 
Trump Bonus Video 4:  A Tale of Two Book Covers
Trump Bonus Video 5: Bloopers – “Putting the Try in Country, now put the Succeed in Country”


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