The Trump We Deserve (to the tune of the America We Deserve): an analysis of the Capitol Breach January 6

Originally, I tweeted a thread on April 27, 2021, regarding the events at the Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. This is an edited longer version of those thoughts.

34 year old Donald J Trump

Thoughts on our country, Trump and where we/I go from here, from my #SigmaFemale perspective. Disclaimer: I am going to say critical things about President Trump. I still love Trump, will vote for him again in 2024 if he runs. I won’t bury the lede: I’m angry because GOOD patriots (some or none of which I may or may not personally know and care about) are almost certainly going to federal prison for a long time because of the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. And a failure of leadership is what allowed (or specifically did not prevent) the day’s events from occurring. My personal moral code compels me to seek and acknowledge both the good and bad qualities in myself and others. I don’t expect perfection in myself or my President. But again, no one — no fucking one —should be going to jail because no one should have engaged in violence on 1/6/21.

I’m no lawyer but I can’t stop going over and over in my mind what possible defense strategies could be implemented for the people who made mistakes by engaging in a violent manner that day. I’m also no war/military expert. I do know that if you choose violence as your method of problem solving, then you arrive with weapons & you fight to the death. Just what in God’s name was anyone thinking? What exactly was the pitiful display we witnessed? Live action role play, LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAY.

I want the defense attorney to call the defendant(s) to the stand and say, “you do realize no one ever stopped any thing of any importance without actual fighting, using actual weapons, and fighting to the actual death, right? Hold on — don’t answer yet. What’s that strange sound, your Honor? Oh YEAH, the sound of the Revolutionary War veterans rolling over in their graves and LAUGHING AT YOU.” Then the lawyer grabs a giant mirror & holds it up to the defendant and asks, “Could you please point to the dumb idiot in the room?” and then the defendant points to his reflection and the lawyer says, “let the record show that the defendant has identified HIMSELF, ladies & gentlemen of the jury.” And in closing arguments, “If my client is guilty of anything, he is guilty of having a low IQ, being suggestible, and ultimately, at the literal end of that fateful day, being too cowardly to actually die for his supposedly patriotic objection to unproven alleged election fraud.”

A sit-in, a nonviolent protest where you arrive fully prepared to be arrested & refuse to leave until your demands have been met, is what could have been performed. Same theater but NO violence. You do it on principle, not because you’re really going to prevent the certification of the election but to prove a point. Violence is only resorted to when you are going to FORCE your will on others. How was there no planning? How did this epic catastrophe of leadership failure occur? To answer this question, here is a brief speech pattern analysis (which could be totally wrong). I hypothesize that Trump believed that patriots were in control and that there was a plan, one that was so top secret, even he could not be read in. Trump is an Alpha Male, highly motivated to avoid shame. This is one of the key personality differences between alphas & sigmas. Alphas feel that being wrong is a source of shame and eschew it (bless me!) Sigmas embrace shame, knowing it is what is, might as well learn from the experience that caused it so we don’t make the same mistake again. (Omegas seek experiences that will reinforce their existing feelings of shame, betas deny & suppress both feelings of shame and guilt).

One of the many ways Alphas avoid shame is through self-discipline. They have mastered the art of not being wrong! Unlike sigmas who shrug off being wrong yet still seek to learn how they miscalculated, alphas avoid making predictive statements in the first place. Their discipline keeps them from opening their mouths if they aren’t totally confident that what they’re about to say is RIGHT. So they avoid making predictive statements. But Trump made several predictive statements that at the time seemed either strange or way overconfident.

The first was, “maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” This came across as both cryptic (likely his intention) but also as just a weird thing to say — something a weirdo would say (definitely not Trump’s intention).

Of course we know now that Operation Storm was a covert operation to distract Trump supporters and indeed Trump himself and ultimately storm him right out of office via election fraud.

If Hillary had tried to lock us down & vaccinate us? We would have been up in actual arms. Civil war. But Trump? Ok, 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Alright.

The second was “You’ll have packed churches all over our country. I think it would be a beautiful time” on Easter Sunday 2020. This is exactly what you’d say if a “military insider” who told you Q was real and there was a “storm” coming then told you that the “invisible enemy” was being vanquished—the virus quarantine is a cover story for shutting everything down so human traffickers can be arrested. Again, the Alpha male is compelled to avoid being wrong, especially publicly. Trump came across as being 100% confident that he had been given accurate information (in fact, in retrospect, Mr President, now you know one of the major players in the conspiracy against you — whoever was telling you Q was real and that an extended lockdown was necessary).

The third predictive statement that we can now know was based on someone actively misleading/deceiving President Trump was “Big protest in DC on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

The infamous “will be wild” tweet

Really? A cluster fuck of epic proportions? “Will be wild” is NOT how Donald J Trump would ever describe a cluster fuck. So why did he describe it that way? Because he’d been told it would be wild and specifically *not* a cluster fuck.

I can imagine the people who are going to trial for being retarded pawns on January 6 also having their defense attorneys calling President Trump himself to the stand. You see, I believe that many loyal supporters of Trump, myself included, interpreted “be there” as a command.

I can tell you as a Sigma, that when your Alpha — YOUR Alpha — gives you a command statement, you better befuckingLIEVE, you’re ready to go. If he says jump, you say, how fucking high, sir?

And I think Trump thought there was not only A Plan but THEE Plan. He didn’t know what it would be either but he trusted that patriots were in control. All we, as Trump voters, had to do, was SHOW UP. Jan 6. Be there or be square.

WRONG. So, it sucks. And we can’t go back. But we can go forward. The audits will happen. The election/voter reform will happen. I don’t believe Trump will get back into the White House without winning the 2024 election. (And brief aside, I sure wish he would go to Gab because they are the only real viable alternative to Twitter.)

That being said, I have felt, as a Sigma, absolutely devastated without a strong alpha leader. As you may know, I have been ready to pack my bags and move to Mexico and become an expat—that is how “done” with corruption & election fraud I have felt.

But many years ago, I learned that in a situation that seems hopeless, the correct action to take is to ask God for a miracle.

And so I ask God for a leader to appear, whether it is Trump or someone else, who can unite our country, who can use love, patriotism and confidence to bring people together, and heal the divide and conquer race-war propaganda. Amen.

I ask God to stop the vaccine insanity and to heal Trump’s heart so he can see the truth and stop promoting the vaccine despite this requiring him to admit that Big Pharma created a vaccine that hurts more than it helps and that statements like, “In a way, I am the father of the vaccine” aren’t just cringe, they are a declaration of ownership of a pharmaceutical fiasco.

And we will also have to ask God to flood all hearts on earth with divine love, replacing all hate with joy. Please God, let there be world peace and world Joy.

Please God, let our country have an Alpha who is a true Patriot become our President who loves our country and puts America First.

Let this person UNITE us, not divide us. Please God, let this person be articulate & sincere, who is as good at taking action as delivering soaring rhetoric.

As for me personally, despite how uncomfortable it felt, in the past few months I forced myself to confront how handicapped Trump is by his own pride.

He is probably not going to ever hold public office again. And, he may even be called to the stand in each and every trial involving truly good patriots who thought they were doing their duty on January 6 by showing up.

Fine. It hurts and I have had to forgive — daily — since this bullshit started and I’m referring to the “explosions of bullshit” (as POTUS so eloquently put it) on election night. But I believe our country is worth fighting for.

I have been so frustrated by people being so dumb that they wear a mask in their car. That they wear a mask while running alone. And it has taken a few months for me to regain my empathy & REMEMBER that they are afraid! They are SCARED! And why?


And that is Trump’s fault. And it made me so so deeply sad when I finally found the guts to acknowledge it.

But now that I have, I can go back to my LOVE for our country. My LOVE for our Bill of Rights. My LOVE for our fellow American—even if they’re low IQ and don’t realize the truth. Because when people don’t realize the truth it’s because they haven’t been told or shown the truth. And that is always a failure OF LEADERSHIP.

One of the most important points I could ever make in sharing information about the tribal roles is that MOST PEOPLE are Betas. The tribe couldn’t survive without the overwhelming majority of people being followers.

The tribe literally would not survive if the majority of people weren’t suggestible. So if the majority are doing something negative, it is ALWAYS the fault of weak leadership.

I am sorry and apologize that as a Sigma, I forgot this. I will do better in the future.

I dug really deep this past weekend and asked myself what it was I wanted to do to leave Earth less of a shithole then it was when I got here on December 16, 1980.

I am one person but I am one PASSIONATE person who takes action daily to achieve goals. That being said, even I am still profoundly affected by the tragedy of the 2020 election. I aim to serve our tribe — the American People— despite the obvious corruption at the highest levels of our government and the overt coup d’état that resulted in the installation of Biden as President.

So again I ask God for miraculous solutions in the mean time. If there can be any greater good to the conspiracy against Trump and indeed the will of the American voter, let it be that an Alpha who is an even more awesome and amazing leader will fill the power vacuum left by Trump. Alternatively, he could start demonstrating that he is that unifying presence, that he has not lost the 1980 version of himself, the articulate compassionate reflective patriot who loves our country!!

If Trump was misled by those closest to him, I pray for a second chance for him to drain the swamp in 2024. AND I pray for patriotic Americans all over our country to hear and heed the call to public service, to run for office, and to help us take our country back from Antifa and the fascists infiltrating our domestic institutions.

The Trump we deserve has a great sense of humor, is kind, articulate, thoughtful and tough as nails. We love Trump and we pray for God to surround our country, and indeed the world, with legions of angels of protection, led by Archangel Michael.


Donald Trump: Alpha’s Alpha, a rare Super Alpha Male

What’s an alpha male?


All alphas seek a leadership position within the tribe, whether the tribe is a gang, a corporation, a fraternity or an empire. They excel at seeing the best solution to a problem, and knowing exactly who should take action to solve it. They feel good when they are protecting and providing for their tribe.


All alphas are driven to succeed, and to seek respect and wealth. Alpha’s alphas (in contrast to beta’s alphas and sigma’s alphas) are also driven to be feared and to seek fame (to leave their name behind them along with their legacy). Put simply, they are compelled to get rich, successful and respected, and then feared and famous.


So what makes an alpha male a super alpha male? When they not only want success and prosperity for their tribe, but for all tribes. This is not altruistic: the super alpha knows that by working to achieve prosperity and peace for all tribes, that they are more easily able to protect their own because they then avoid having to spend resources on conflict with those tribes. In essence, peaceful neighboring tribes mean you don’t have to send your warriors out to fight them. You save money and lives (resources and members of the tribe). The more lives, the better the tribe is able to withstand and bounce back from periods of famine, disease and war.


regal lion


Time will tell and history will be the most objective judge, but it appears that President Trump’s commitment to (and near obsession with) protecting and providing for Americans while maintaining peace or preventing conflict (or wrapping up war) with other countries, while strongly promoting the well being of his own tribe (country) above others (other countries) is consistent with the unique focus and strengths of a super alpha male. This type of personality is unique. The bottom line is that most people — even alphas who see the world for what it is and enjoy controlling resources so that they can change it — just wouldn’t care.


Trump Bonus Video 1: the Alpha Male Smile



Trump Bonus Video 2: the Alpha Male Handshake

Trump Bonus Video 3: Alpha Male in Warrior Mode 
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